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Author:  jlmancuso [ July 7th, 2013, 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Noob's

Now everyone was a noob at one point in time. While there is nothing wrong with being a noob there is something wrong with idiots. Now you may ask what the difference is so let me clarify it. A noob is someone who is new and lacking in experience. An idiot is also lacking in experience but unlike a noob they have little to no intelligence. An idiot is the one who goes around asking everyone for things because they are too stupid to even use google to search for answers to their questions. They end up doing stupid things that cause their phones to become bricks or required more experienced users to help them fix their issues. They can not even follow the simple instructions that developers give them and then complain and blame their problems on the developers.

So while some people think being called a noob is a bad thing let me assure you being a noob is NOT a bad thing but being an IDIOT is. It would be nice if these forums required members to take tests to weed out the idiots before they joined but then I am sure that the idiots would try some kind of lawsuit because they were being excluded. Like I have said in another forum we should take the third tuesday of every month and be allowed to shoot at least on IDIOT apiece. This would make many improvements to the world. 1. Is population control - the world is getting a little crowed and needs to be thinned out anyways. 2. It would help relieve stress - this way people are less likely to blow up and cause harm to innocent people. 3. It helps clean up the gene pool - since there are way too many idiots already if we start killing them then they cant reproduce and pollute the world further.

Yeah I know it sounds harsh and I am sure most will think it is harsh but guess what? The world is a harsh place and if you cant take it maybe you should go into your closet with a rope and swing from the ceiling.

Author:  death-by-soap [ July 7th, 2013, 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Noob's

All you gotta do is read! Then you can just as easily develop something as the greatest devs!

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